Thursday, 23 May 2013

An Introduction.

I am not new to blogging. I keep one telling about my family's move to another country to try and live a more a more self sufficient  lifestyle. I try to keep it informative as to what we are doing at our house and the things we do with our animals, garden and eco living. However, the first entry I wrote I laid out some opinions on why we left Britain. Listing some reasons to do with culture and attitudes in Britain at the moment and how disappointing I find some aspects of it. I wont repeat them here. I really enjoyed writing opinionated material. I have quite strong political and "religious" views (Well, opinions on religion) and I often feel the need to vent and let off stem about different issues. I don't want to do it on my other page which is more of a story/diary. So I've created this one for just such a purpose. Will anyone read it? I don't know so perhaps it will just be a way for me to put down on "paper" things that concern me and will therefore no longer concern me. I hope you will read along with me, agree, disagree and debate with me. Note, any silly OTT comments, that sadly seem to be commonplace on social media, threatening me, my family or other people and their opinions will be removed. Debate should be civilized even when you disagree and very controversial matters. If I offend you, I haven't done it on purpose, it's just my opinion and despite what some people will try to tell you your opinion can't be wrong. Facts can be wrong Opinions differ.

So, just so you know what you're dealing with I'll label myself for you. We humans love labels and tribes and such things so we all know where we stand! Speakers always introduce themselves and tell you about them, so here goes.
British (English/Welsh mixed with some Scottish and Italian way back in the bloodline)
Sort of socialist (I never thought I was until someone told me that's what I was, I voted Green last time round!)
Atheist (..and proud and a strong defender of my "beliefs" However, I cannot abide this new breed of atheist who think it is their right to simply go round being downright aggressively rude to all religions, religious people and religious beliefs simply because they see it as the thing to do at the moment. We are ment to be the voice of reason in the face of mystisism and superstition, act like it).
Humanist. If we work together people, we can do it.
I have a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology so one could argue I'm a scientist although it's not my job.
I've worked in education as a teacher all my life although I've now left, people still seem content to label me as such.
A strong believer in equal rights for all but also strongly against positive discrimination.
Environmentalist, but also a realist. Some progress is good and necessary.
Depressed. Diagnosed a while ago now. Thought I was better, turns out I'm not! Currently trying to see if I can get through without medication, other than herbal (St Johns Wort, camomile. that sort of thing) so we'll see how that goes.
I think that's it! Thanks for sticking with me. Suggestions for things to chat about welcome but thinking I might go for some religious opinion, pondering about Britain from afar, general ranting about culture (Books, TV/film and music mostly)


  1. Yey another Ben blog! I look forward to your ranting ;)

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    1. I'm confused. Not being computer savy But just in case I haven't removed a comment here. abiker I think I know you cheers for the read. Do not fear writing your opinion here you know it's welcome!!!

  3. Ooooh Benny boy, what ever prompted this I wonder??! Looking forward to debating with you if you can handle a northern lass prattling on! Clare

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Actually been thinking about this for a while but Yeah today seamed apt.

  4. It was me but it in as Adrian! I am so new to blogging!